Kangana advises women not to allow sexual offenders’ go scot free …

Bold and outspoken is what Kangana’s known for in the B-Town. A diva who reins over the thorny turf lying beneath velvety red carpets – Bollywood, for over a decade has underwent roller-coaster ride – not once, but on a glut of occasions. Lashing out at sexual assaults on women, she demands that a woman should openly talk on this even after fifty years of the unpleasant happening!

Besides her stellar roles in a plenty of movies, the diva hogged limelight for mouthing certain controversial statements that have not gone down well with the high and the powerful in the film industry. Last year, when she spoke on ‘nepotism’, Karan Johar rued, “Kangana is playing a ‘victim card’” 
‘Controversy’s child’

Talking about the glamour world, where influence is touted to be the key to success and talent of an outsider is grossly undermined during his or her struggling period, she said the rise to stardom of Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma and few others are just because of their superb talents.
A couple of months back, the controversial tweet of Karan Johar on Bollywood diva, Kangana Ranaut, has set the social media ablaze with polemics. Kangana fired back on Karan’s certain outrageous rhetoric: “Leave Bollywood if you are not comfortable with the people here” and his advisory to the lass – “Don’t play the victim card”.

Kangana, while in an interview with a tabloid, said, “Karan seems to be ignorant of nepotism.” “Karan is shamelessly propagating that he had ‘allowed’ me to express my feelings in his show – ‘Koffee with Karan’. This reflects his snobbishness. I had earlier been invited to similar shows on TV Channels. It was Karan’s office who contacted me to be a guest interviewee in his show, I wasn’t approached him,” she retorted.
The gorgeous diva, who was sulking ever since Karan tweeted against her, pounced back and retaliated: “It is strange Karan is trying to shame me for being a woman,” referring to his tweet – “Don’t play the women-card”, she said. “He has literally insulted the entire women community who desperately need this card and it’s not me alone.”

Feminism is a movement that has to take over the world. A movement can only be successful when it is global. Anyone should be able to be a part of it. Two years ago, ‘feminist’ was a shameful word. Since then, women, collectively, have fought cases, put their careers at stake, and risked everything to make this word ambitious.

“ A woman should be allowed to talk about sexual assault even 50 years after it happened, even from her deathbed because then the exploiter will be scared that one day she might remember it and write a memoir. So, this will set an example. Before shutting the women up, they should think about the consequences of their idiotic actions. What they did to Swara Bhaskar for example, is shameful beyond words. Many idiotic people who have not done anything to be called feminists are calling her a fake feminist,” she said. 

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