Shakti Kapoor: In spite playing negative character for decades, felt awkward to romance Poonam Pandey!

The makers of 'The Journey Of Karma' has released the teaser of their upcoming film. The film marks the first collaboration between sultry actress Poonam Pandey and Shakti Kapoor. 

The plot of the flick is about a very poor girl who stays with her mother and has a dream to study I.T Engineering abroad. But the problem with her is a sheer financial crisis. Well, now that will be interesting to see that how she achieves her dreams on silver screens. 

Actor Shakti Kapoor while addressing media at the launch of the teaser on Friday, says, "This is a film about a old man who stays far away from his family in slum areas who falls in love with this young girl and gets happiness which he never got in life"

He continues, "It is a film where people are going to get very emotional, very sensitive and a very different love story." The actor is very well known for harassing gorgeous actresses on-screen by playing antagonist characters; shared his experience of romancing with hot Poonam Pandey and says, "In spite being a negative actor for decades which you all already know, felt awkward to romance with Poonam Pandey."

Although the actor promises no vulgarity in these film, it will be interesting to see Shakti Kapoor and Poonam Pandey's heartbreaking story. 


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