Check Out: This is what daily soap stars are doing on International Workers Day

The first of May is celebrated as International Workers Day and TV actors tell us what they love about this profession and also share their plans for the holiday. 

Shivani Gosain - 1st of May is an international holiday and I just want to spend maximum quality time with my family, especially with my sister's little babies, Maano and Mayra. In the evening, I look forward to going and playing badminton and refreshing myself. I love my work. My work is my identity, it is my passion and also my bread and butter. I get to play different roles and a chance to dress up in so many different looks. I get the chance to meet and make friends from a different cultures and places, an opportunity to travel and explore so many places.

Vineet Raina - On 1st of May, I will be getting an off from my shooting schedule. I will be finishing my work at home, which I have been neglecting due my hectic shooting schedule. I will sort out my wardrobe, clean my stuff, wash my car and bike. As an actor, I obviously love to perform better every day. I also love to be on the set with my team and crew members, especially my co-actors Arjun Bijlani, Aalisha Panwar and Mihir. We are like a family and when I have an off, I miss them.

Nirbhay Wadhwa - The first of May is a national public holiday. I love my work and this is the perfect day to worship it. I love my work but with my routine, I miss all personal life. I am haven’t been able to spend time with my family. So, I plan to enjoy this day with my family.

Pranitaa Pandit - I think I will be catching up with my friends on the first of May. My most favourite thing about my work is that I love the diversity of our profession. We get to play so many different characters. I really enjoy observing human behaviour and pick up little things and using it in our craft.

Ruhi Chaturvedi - I'm going to spend the day with my family. I don’t get much time with them as as an actor, your work schedule gets very hectic. So this holiday is going to be dedicated to my loved ones. Being an actor gives you a different high all together. You get to play so many different characters. You make people laugh, cry, love you and even hate you. The appreciation which you get in terms of love that is what I love for as an actor.

Aadesh Chaudhary - I will be making sure to meet my mom and dad on the first of May, as I am not working. I love acting as I am passionate about acting. I eat, sleep, drink, and acting.

Akashdeep - Holidays don’t mean much because an actor’s lifestyle is not a daily 9-9 job. There are days when there is no shooting, and that is a holiday for us. So the 1st of May is just another day for me. I will catch up on unfinished work and wrap the day. I am still slowly getting into an actor’s mindset.

Sheeba - I don’t have any plans except relaxing. I will be performing a play on the 29th in Mumbai. So, I will probably need the downtime. As far as loving things about my character goes, I love getting into my make up and costume and a become my character. Also, I just love the bonds that I develop with a team.

Sandeep Aanand - Since it’s holiday for all of us, so I will be travelling to some exotic destination. I see people work very hard in this industry, sometimes it’s good to have one day like this where you can freely make plans. I enjoy every bit of being an actor but what I love the most is living different characters in one life.

Amal Sehrawat - I will be spending the entire day with my family. As an actor, I get to explore and experience the psychology of different characters!

Sehban Azim - I am so happy to be able to get a break. I am going to concentrate on chilling with my friends on the first of May. I love everything about being an actor. I feel the most precious part is getting the love of our fans. It makes all our efforts totally worth it. 

Snigdha Akolkar -  On 1st may I plan to be work all day. My work gives me immense happiness. What I love about being an actor is I get to portray so many characters, get to meet many talented people each day under one roof. It is very satisfying to be in connection with art and artist. Otherwise, life would be boring.

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