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“Tori Surat” crooner Sona Mohapatra receives threats from Islamic organization!

Social media is a double-edged sword. If it can either be used to fan hatred or to spurn hatred. Things similar to this has happened with a singer of repute - Sona Mohapatra, who resorted to tweeter to complain against the one Madariya Sufi Foundation for issuing threats to her for her recent track – “Tori Surat” – a part of her melodic project, “Lal Pari Mastani”.


Authored by the legendary poet Amir Khusrau, it is sung out of love for a woman. However, the Madariya Sufi Foundation alongwith Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah have expressed their reservations over, what they call, “earthy incarnations of the feminine Divine” and with “a sleeveless dress and body exposing dancers”. Calling her a “pathogenic offender”, they demanded removal of the track.


Calling this an assault on free and fair expression, the maestro tweeted:“Dear @MumbaiPolice I have received a threatening notice from the Madariya Sufi Foundation to remove my music video Tori Surat from all communication mediums. They claim that the video is vulgar,will flare communal tensions.I need to know whom to write in my response to at ur end.” 


Her second tweet expressed the problem with more clarity: “The Sufi Madariya foundation has also called me a ‘regular offender’ & says that they find another five-year-old Video of me singing a Sufiana Kalam – Piya Se Naina on coke studio insulting Islam because I’m ‘dressed exposing my body’ & playing westernised music. @MumbaiPolice.”


She further said, “The Madariya foundation along with the agreement of the Nizamuddin Dargah have an issue with the description of my Tori Surat music video, “earthy incarnations of the feminine Divine” & with “a sleeveless dress and body exposing dancers”.


The Mumbai Police immediately sprung into action – as the issue involved sensitive issues like hurting religious sensitivities.  


Thanking city cops, she wrote, “Headed to the police station in my neighbourhood to sort out this matter. Thank you @MumbaiPolice for calling me & giving direction. .”


Considered highly opinionated, the singer hogged similar controversies earlier too.

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