Here is why Chirag Jani finds his character of Dasyu King challenging in Porus

Actor Chirag Jani, who plays the role of Dasyu King in Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s ‘Porus’, says that his role is especially challenging because of his character’s disability. However, he loves being part of the show. While interacting with Star Dhamaka, he says, “As I'm playing the character of Dasyu King, so I have to maintain my physique and look my best for my character.In the show, I have a handicap and have to walk with one leg. That’s very tough"

He adds that he has got positive feedback from his fans. “I'm getting appreciation for my character. People have told me that I'm carrying my character very well. I have a unique look in the show, I have beared dreadlock, a different hairstyle, which makes it every more interesting,” he says.

Ask him how it is to work with Siddharth, and he says, “Working with Siddharth sir has always been interesting and challenging. He does justice to each and every character, whether it is small or big.”

Although he is shooting in Umbergaon, away from home, Chirag says that he doesn’t find it challenging. “It's not tough to shoot in Umbergaon because the production team is so good. It feels like we are shooting in Mumbai only,” he says.

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