Porus actors on completing 100 episodes: All set for the next 100!

Larger-than-life sets, innovative storyline and definitive characters don’t even begin to describe the magnificence of Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Porus. As the show completes 100 episodes, the star cast feels lucky to be part of it. While sharing their experience of completing 100 episodes - here is what they have to say.   

Suhani Dhanki - Porus has been an incredible journey, every day is a new experience where I get to express so many different emotions and encounter adventures. I feel elated and am immensely grateful to be part of this grand a show. I love every bit of being Laachi. Siddharth Sir and his entire team have put in so much effort, it's inspiring. I am very excited for the next 100 episodes.

Akash Singh Rajput - Well, the Show Has finally completed 100 successful episodes. I want to congratulate the entire team of Porus for making us look so grand and beautiful on screen. The team has worked really hard to showcase the era of 356bc. From costumes, visuals sets to the characters, each and everything is authentic. Making shows like Porus is not an easy thing and the credit goes to SKT and his top management for creating magnificent and historical shows like Porus.

Sameksha - We all are very happy especially because Porus has maintained its quality in everything from the very first episode. They have set the benchmark for other period dramas and I feel privileged to be part of such a passionate unit. There is so much positivity on the set and we all are in love with each other and this show.

Vishal Patni - It feels prestigious to be the part of such a legacy. I feel pleasure to be associated with such a great team. The amount of love that we are getting from our audience is overwhelming. And as we have completed 100 episodes, it's time for celebrations and joy.

Riya Deepsi - I feel overwhelmed and extremely happy about the completion of 100 episodes. It has been a really great journey for all us. There have been times when we have shot for 20-22 hours straight and it feels worth it. I am glad everyone is liking our show and appreciating our efforts. It contains the energy and hard work of all the actors as well as the crew. We usually have major sequences to shoot and for television, it is quite tough to shoot and deliver those every day but I have seen how it is done so gracefully in Porus. All credit goes to the team working behind the camera and I hope we keep up the good work and continue to entertain our lovely audience.

Gurpreet Singh - I feel so good that Porus has crossed 100 episodes. It's good to know that Porus has been appreciated and considered classy. I have worked dedicatedly on this show and it gave me the chance to try so many different things. I feel so proud that our hard work is been liked by our well-wishers.

Chirag Jani – Completing 100 episodes is a proud moment for us. It's become one of the best show in the overseas market and we are getting a huge response from all over the globe. This is all thanks to Siddharth sir, he is amazing. This is a really a beautiful moment for us. People have started comparing our show with Gams of thrones, so what else we can wish.

Sareh Far - First of all, I am thankful to the creative team for giving me the opportunity to be part of Porus. I loved working with such a wonderful and organized team. My best wishes to the whole team for completing 100 episodes. It's all about hard work, good actors, a good team and friendly environment. We all are good friends now and these 100 episodes are a result of the fun that we have on set. I want to thank Siddharth Kumar Tewary and Rahul Kumar Tewary for this beautiful classy show.

Praneet Bhatt - I just want to say that this is just the beginning. I remember on the day of the launch, Siddharth sir told me one thing. He said, ‘Praneet we have to maintain this quality till 100 episodes and when we finish 100 episodes, we will again decide to maintain the quality for next 100 episodes. I am just glad that I am part of these episodes. Siddharth sir has put in so much research. Thank You, Siddharth Sir and Thank you my fans for loving Porus.

Savi Thakur- It is a great feeling when you are part of such a big show and you have completed 100 episodes. it feels fantastic to be part of Porus and work with Swastik Productions. It is the happiest feeling ever to have the audience love something that you have put so much effort into. I am looking forward to the next 100 episodes.

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