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Sandeep Aanand to wear 100-year-old Rudraksh gifted by her grandmother in his new show

Actor Sandeep Anand has started wearing a Rudraksh recently. The actor has sentiments attached with the ornament as it has been gifted to him by his grandmother. “I lost my grandmother recently. She had given it to me and told me to keep it with me as it is more than 100 years old and was given to her by my grandfather. This was the last thing she gave me,” he says.

In fact, buzz is that the actor will be sporting it in his show as well. “Since I have just got it, I was thinking what to do with it. I am not superstitious nor do I believe in any such things. I feel that it has blessings and positive energy in it. In the show, I have to wear some mythological accessories with the getup, so I decided to wear this,” he says.

Ask him if he feels that the Rudraksh is lucky for him, he says, “It’s lucky for me since I have a blessed one. I don’t know how in astrology it works, but I am also a follower of Shiva, so it feels good to have this,” he says.

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