Late veteran actor Raaj Kumar's son Panini Pandit on his successful debut with "Kahu Mein Ya Kahu Na" music video

Filmmaker Panini Pandit is on cloud nine after the success of his latest music video titled ‘Kahu Main Ya Kahu Na’. Calling it ‘crazy good’, the filmmaker says that he wasn’t anticipating such a response. “The feedback that I am getting presently from my analyst is that apparently, we are getting 91% viewership, whereas the average viewership is about 50-55%. So, this is supposed to be crazy good. I believe that is very positive and I am feeling a sense of gratefulness at this point. We already received a million hit but there is time to go” he says.

Ask him how it feels to have his first music video on air, and he says, “A mix of feelings, elation…these are very new feelings for me. Definitely, I am very satisfied and open to a good outcome because I owe that to my unit.”

The features actress Natasha Singh, who had shot to fame for her pivotal role in cult comedy show ‘Dekh Bhai Dekh’. The music has been composed by Rupesh Verma and the lyrics have been penned by Ajay Garg, while the song has been sung by Anita Bhatt. The video has been produced by Indivar Bhatia and Vastavikta Pandit. 

The video has been shot in the beautiful locals of Uttarakhand. Talking about the shoot, Panini says, “We were in north Uttarakhand and thanks to my producer Indivar Bhatia, who insisted that we go and do a recce at Uttarakhand and that is why we went. I got this wonderful location in the north. On the first day, we shot in the hallowed grounds of Filmcity, Goregaon which for me is a day and moment of life which I will never forget.”

The filmmaker, who is the son of legendary actor Raaj Kumar, says that he would have been proud of him today. “Had my Papa been alive, he would probably be opening a bottle of champagne, laughing and celebrating the moment with me. I think he would be proud of the simple fact that I stuck to the truth of my vision in my script and I didn't compromise. I delivered my vision to the best of my ability. That is how he has always been seen by the audience and is the reason behind his loyal fan following, twenty years after his death too. He never compromised on his creativity because that is what the audience expected of him as an artist. And even I did the same, I never compromised with my video and creativity and that is what he will be proud of,” he says.

Panini is already working on his next music video. “After two months, my second video will be released which is directed by me. It will be the third release by Papa Plays in the music vertical,” he says.

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