Simran of ‘The Past’ wilts in ghostly possession unlike Simran of DDLJ that blossomed in sizzling love!

Simran – reminisces us of the late-nineties’ blockbuster ‘Dil wale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ)’ that burnt silver screen with the sizzling chemistry of Shah Rukh Khan (Raj) and Kajol (Simran). Except sharing the name of female lead - Simran that adorned gorgeous Kajol in DDLJ, the current movie that is titled – ‘The Past’’ draws no parallel with the DDLJ.    


The movie – its preview to be screened today at PVR Juhu,  revolves around a youthful budding novelist – Simran who on one fine day receives a call from the owner of a publishing house – Yuvraj.  He tells Simran to author a book on a plot conceived by him. In order to pen down the story, Simran goes to Yuvraj’s Lonavala bungalow along with her younger sister Alia.  On their arrival there, the siblings set off the onset of some yawning, sinister secrets of the past.


They are overwhelmed with some ghostly supernatural bustle, which registers spurt on each passing day.  Ultimately, Simran gets possessed by the evil spirit – a nightmare for the diva.


Thereafter a psychic - Jane has been summoned to bail out Simran from the ominous tentacles of the spirit. In course of freeing the diva from the evil-spirit’s Octopus-like-claws, he unfolds the hidden track in the story!


Produced jointly by Jaspal Singh and Nitesh Singh, the movie is directed by Gangan Puri. Gorgeous Vedita Pratap Singh plays the female lead while Yuvraaj Parashar is the lead male protagonist.



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