Akki turns ‘Yamraj’ to promote ‘term-insurance’ of!

In a hilarious twist, a nurse in a hospital ward is seen removing the life-support system from a patient after his sudden death. Bollywood’s seasoned actor Akshay Kumar suddenly appears on the scene - moonlighting as ‘Yamraj’ – wearing headgear adorned with twin twisted horns and a big moustache with sharp ends.


Come on, get ready, it’s time to leave! – Akki in ‘Yam-avatar’ ordered him. The guy implores for some more time on earth as he is required to pay the EMIs. On this Yamraj putting his hand on his mouth laughs (or weeps) – triggering belly-wobbling laughter. Then he sermonize him about the’s term-insurance policy.


The portrayal of the advertisement is so funny that it occupied top slot on social media during afternoon - inviting comments and likes.

Akshay tweets: "@akshaykumar - Happy to announce my association with @policybazaar and @PaisaBazaar_in. Was good fun playing a new-age Yamraj!"


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