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'Mahakaali' actors on celebrating Mother’s Day

On this Mother’s Day, the cast of Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Mahakaali – Anth Hi Aarambh Hai talks about the advice that they have got from their moms and the plans for this year.


Pratham Kunwar - I’m not that fortunate to have my mother with me, as I lost her at an early age. So, I have only her beautiful memories of when I was kid and used to play with her. But I’m sure she always watches over me and blesses me. She wants her son to do well and make her proud always. Love you, mom!


Hitanshu Jinsi - My mother, like other mothers, is very caring. She has seen many hardships in life. And so, she advises me to save money for the future and not spend it on unnecessary things. My plans for this year is to buy my own house in Mumbai and live with my mother. She always tells me to meet all the relatives in the town even if I am home for 2 days. Her name is Pami Jinsi. She has seen hardships while raising me but still advices to help people in need.


Jai Harsh Vardhan Dhull – My mother has always been behind me in every step of my life. I am in this industry just because of her. She always advices me to be focused on my work and to keep smiling. My mother loves travelling and I am hoping to take her to places where she has not visited. Mrs Sunita Dhull is my mother's name.


Arjun Singh – I don’t think there is anyone in my life who can replace my mother. Her name is Mrs.SUMITRA SINGH and she has always taught me to do no wrong with anyone, be honest with my work, live every day with more enthusiasm. Love should be the only essence in your life. There is one advice of hers which she is still after me to obey and that is that she wants me to stay away from mess. She advices me to be less reactive in conflicts, because she said anger is the only enemy of humans. This year, it would be not possible for me to be with my mother because I am stuck in Mumbai and she is in Haryana. So I’ll send her gifts and definitely contact her on video call


Kanan Malhotra -  My mother, Alka Malhotra is my best friend. It's better than anything I could have asked for.  When everyone else turns away, she is the one turning towards me.  She can see right through me and always knows what’s wrong. One thing that I have always learned from my mother is to respect everyone’s feelings. And trust me, I give her all the credit for whatever I am as a person today. She has always been after me to wake up early in the morning, though I am not an early bird. She still makes efforts to get me into this habit. There are not enough words to describe how important she is to me and what a powerful influence she continues to be. On this Mother's Day, I would request you all to give your mother some love, most importantly, give her your time because nothing can make her happy, except your time for her.



Pooja Sharma - The one advice my mother has always given me is never ever dislike anything or anyone strongly, as it keeps bouncing back in your life. She has taught me how to find a positive orientation around everything. The one advice my mum still gives me is to sleep early, which I am yet to follow. I am busy with my shoot so won't be with my mum this year.But, yes I will definitely wish her and I am sure my brother will plan something for her and send me pics to make me a part of it. My mother's name is Shakti Sharma.


Nikita Sharma - My mother is my best friend forever. No matter where I am, she is always there for me as my support. Mymother has always told me that she is living her dream through me. She always pushed me to do the best in life that too without fear.  She has always encouraged me when I am performing well and held me close when I encounter failures. She is one of the strongest and most optimistic people that I know and I  followed her qualities. My mother completes me. I stay alone in Mumbai but I never felt lonely because mom is always in touch with me. She is my energy, thank you god for creating this beautiful soul which we named as mother. My mother name is Sunita Sharma.

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