Mother’s Day: Telly actors goes nostalgic and share best memories with their mothers!

Akashdeep - My mother has been the nine people from whom I have derived strength. She is a gutsy lady, well educated and self-made. She is a fighter till the end and that’s one quality from her I have developed. Never give up. She wants me to stay fit and objects to my being fat and that’s one thing I have not been able to control. Last year Mummy and the entire family did a vacation in Sri Lanka. Close by because she is 85 and doesn’t like to travel for long. She is Also fit all the same. This year we will try and squeeze a holiday again with family somewhere close by before my older son goes to the USA for further studies.

Aadesh Chaudhary -  My mother's name is Premvati Devi. My mother has and will always be my strength. I remember the days when she used to take me for my rehearsals, my workshops, my dance classes, my singing classes. Never once has she cribbed. Even today she is forever smiling and ready to go all out for everybody and anybody. Love you, Mother! I wish I could get her enthusiasm, her always-willing-to-volunteer attitude, an ever-smiling nature and a golden heart which has only love and compassion. I’m blessed to have a mom like her.

Sheeba - My mother is my best friend- and I try to be like her as much as I can - her kindness- compassion - love are qualities I try and imbibe. She’s the best mother- friend - housewife - cook -party host-entrepreneur- she’s every woman in one.

Sandeep  Aanand - My mother is a very emotional person I don’t take her advice she is not familiar with this harsh world and I too want to keep her innocence preserved I love her for what she has done for me till now I never will gonna be able to repay her debt family call her Guddi her name is Vandana Anand she is my mother.

Amal Sehrawat - My mother has always told me, Don't take life too seriously, be sincere and work hard, but while doing so don't miss out on the fun and joy of that work. She constantly tells me to quit smoking and I shall do it soon. I am not a firm believer in hardcore planning, am going to continue my journey towards my goal, give my 100 percent, and enjoy present moment to most. My mother's name is Dr. Kanta Raj.

Shivani Gosain - My mother Renu Gosain is one strong Punjaban. She always gave me a fighter strength to face any damn situation in this world and Never give up the spirit. She is way liberal who taught us girls are no less than boys. And still keeps advising me to become a bit practical in today's life for my good.

Sehban Azim - My mother has always made sure that I should follow Good Manners she calls it "Tameez Aur Tehzeeb"...even for the slightest of things from "talking in a respectful tone" to avoid making loud sounds while chewing food." She still often advises praying 5 times a day for a better living, something I'm still trying to obey. For me, she goes by the name "Amma" everyone knows her as Dr. Nigar Azim.

Snigdha Akolkar - I have been blessed with 2 people who care for like a Mother one my Masi and of course my Mother. They always advanced me to be well read and well traveled to get exposure to become a quality human being. They advised me to always be Independent. If You want things to be done your way and in time, do it yourself. The one which they still are after me is taking interest in investments. So this year I'll take their advice more seriously.

Rashami Desai - My mother is a teacher. I am proud of her and her upbringing. I was a shy child initially but in school, I became active in cultural activities. My mother is a teacher so I was always a disciplined child. I learned the value of discipline and it has always helped in my life. All children should follow discipline. My mother has taught me that hard work is the only investment that never fails.  My mother is my lifeline. I can’t think of life without her. Her happiness is of utmost importance to me. She is a positive person and one of the greatest influence on me. She has always stood by me through thick and thin.

Ssharad Malhotraa - I being brought up in Calcutta. My mother has given me excellent upbringing. She never said no for anything. Yet kept me and my sister discipline. I stay in Bombay still not a single day goes without talking to her. Whatever I wanted I could always ask her and she used to understand that before my asking what I want. She was a big motivator in letting me participate in Zee Cinestar Ki Khoj. Daily I remember my mom and she keeps coming to Bombay every three months. She is always concerned about if I have eaten food or not. She is always happy to my happiness in vice-versa. I can talk with her about any emotional topic of life. She is my strength and support system. Whenever I have been low she encourages me to look at the positive sides.

Aniruddh Dave - My mother's name is Rajul Dave. I really don’t need Mother's Day or any other day to make my mom feel special because for me every day is special with her. I find the whole idea of celebrating this day very weird as every child should make his/her mother feel special every day. What’s the point in celebrating one day and the rest of the year taking her granted?

Sheena Bajaj - Word would be less to express what she is for me my mentor my guide my role model ,her patience and perseverance and hard work during my childhood made me child actress I’m very close to her n on mother day I want to spend time with her on set or of set of my new show star plus Marium khan reporting live she is very excited for the show too 

Pranitaa Pandit -  My mom always told me “to have faith always try and do the right thing and never fear any situation “ she keeps telling me not eat street food but that’s my weakness .. since childhood I ve been celebrating this day .. so going out for dinner cutting a cake.

Vineet Raina - My mother “ SARLA RAINA” has taught me to stay rooted and grounded. She says, no matter what the situation or circumstances may be, no matter how successful you are, always stay humble and grounded and never forget how u started. And this is exactly how I am.

Sourabh Raaj Jain - My mother has lived and still living life on her own terms, she is a powerhouse of energy who even at this age wants to do everything by herself, she is my strength my everything. She has given me the excellent upbringing 

Ruhi Chaturvedi - My maa says always stand strong on your ground. No matter who you have to fight too. If you believe in something make sure you stand with it till the end.. I have always tried to follow this. I want to take my "maa" for a holiday. It's been very long that we have stepped out of the city. So, hopefully, we will be able to take a small vacation this year. My mom's name is Manju Chaturvedi

Puru Chibber - I love my mother she's my life and whatever I am today is all because of her. I always have followed her advice to respect elders, be positive and you will achieve what you 

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