Mother’s Day: Here’s what Porus actors have imbibed from their mothers

This Mother’s Day, the actors of Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s ‘Porus’ talk about the advice which they have got from their mothers and their plans for this year.


Vishal Patni - My mother always wants me to follow my dream and stay low key, no matter where I am and at what stage of my life I am at. She is the calm to my messy life. Mothers always say the things that will benefit you, maybe not instantly but for sure. So I always follow her advice, at least I try to. The one advice that she is still after me to obey is to be less lazy. Actually, I am not lazy when there is some work. But when it's a day off for me, I really can't even leave my bed. So, Mum still yells at me for my laziness. So, this Mother's Day, I want to share a message for everymother out there. "There is no one as strong as a Mother. Love and respect to each one of you".


Chirag Jani - All mothers have only one advice "time pe khana kha lena and apna khayal rakh na" and I always follow that. This year, I don't have any plans for Mother’s Day as I'm busy with my shoot, so I'll just call and wish her and will send some gifts from here. My mother name is REKHA JANI


Sameksha - My mother’s name is Usha Kwatra. She is retired class one officer from government of Punjab. My mother always wanted me to complete my education before getting into acting or any profession because she always believed that security and stability in life, comes with education. I am happy that I took her advice and had the maturity to deal with life because this profession is so insecure. So, I was never depressed when I didn’t have work because I had my education to fall back upon. And one advice she always gives me is to get up early in the morning and have discipline in life but seeing the nature of our work, she is ok with me not doing this. She lets me sleep till late when I pack-up late.


Akash Singh Rajput - I wish everyone a happy Mother’s Day. My mom her name is Savita Singh Rajput and is like every other mom. She loves me and wants me to take care of myself. Every mother is possessive about her son, one thing that my mom tells me every time to follow is spirituality and to stop eating non-veg because she doesn't like non-veg at all. I have avoided eating non-veg every day now and started following her steps to spirituality with the help meditation and yoga. I love her a lot and want to be there with me in every circumstance in my life. I can't dream my life without her. This Mother’s Day, I will not able to see her as I am busy shooting for ‘Porus’ in Gujarat. So, I am going to gift her Kangan.


Savu Thakur - My mum always says that do good work, God will be kind to you and always respect your elders. I always respect and follow her advice. And about my plans for this year, I'll work hard for what I am here in Mumbai and make her proud. My Mom’s name is Raksha Thakur.

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