TV folks on 'Avengers: Infinity War’

Aniruddh Dave -  This is what it feels to have a comic book and have it literally brought to life in the real world. It's action-packed, and fans will love how ambitious this movie is.  There are so many great characters that it's hard to focus on a single one maybe except for the big bad Thanos. It's all connected. On so many levels. If you are an MCU fan, Infinity War will leave you speechless. Don't forget that Stan Lee has a cameo on this one, too. I watched the film and I loved it. 

Himanshu Soni - I am in Thailand so couldn't watch it. The film is a rage everywhere. I heard the film is quite good. Kids, as well as adults, are loving it. Superhero projects always have audiences and to have them in one film would be a sight to experience. I surely will go and watch it with my wife Sheetal. 

Rohit Purohit -  For the first time in a Marvel film, one feels genuinely scared for beloved characters. A fan-favourite is killed off early, and it is almost inconsequential in the grander scheme of things. Such is the scale and ambition here. If one were to judge it on its merits alone, it would crumble. But 'Avengers: Infinity War' is not meant to be judged independently. It sells itself on the immense buildup.

Jasmin Bhasin - Yes, I have been meeting people who are very excited to watch this movie and whoever have watched the movie are saying the movie is really amazing. I think the movie is very entertaining and the characters are very amazing. I still have to go, watch it but I am sure it will be amazing. Avenger is a franchise and we are watching it since childhood and we all wait for it. When we wait for something and "Intezaar Ka Phal Mitha Hota Hain". And of course, they make amazing movies that is why the craze is there because they do such good job that is why we wait for it.

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