'Nachaniya' actor Avinash Dwivedi is in spotlight!

Avinash Dwivedi who is portraying "Nachaniya's" role in his upcoming film - throws light on how our society teases them rather than appreciating their talent. 


While interacting with Star Dhamaka taking the same topic we asked - Can men dance like women? “Men whose dance is labelled as Nachaniya instead of hailing them as artist borders on insult,” says Nachaniya's actor Avinash Dwivedi.

We are talking about the phase when a man used to dance after dressing up like a woman. Though it is his love for the art which compels him to dance, but ironically the society makes him the target of mockery. However, today a large number of men who take part in dance reality shows are not labelled as nachaniyas but instead applauded. How times have changed, and with it the attitude of people, too, that registers change in their perceptions. 

Avinash Dwivedi who plays the role of a female dancer in Nachaniya, drive home this subtle message. Though he is a good dancer and has also participated in a dance reality show, he trained himself for two months in Kathak to prepare himself for his part in the film.

Avinash says that though the film is in Bhojpuri, people from all walks of life in every language will be able to identify. Dancers exist all over the world those who are ridiculed by being pigeonholed as nachaniyas. No one has understood the heart-ache of a nachaniya. After all, why a dancer is being insulted by being called a nachaniya? Avinash Dwivedi's film Nachaniya will take the viewers on a journey to the late era.

Avinash who has acted in both Bhojpuri and Bollywood movies has already signed on three films more.

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