'Beintehaa' actor Vikas Grover visits Shirdi with Ramman Handa

Actor Vikas Grover goes spiritual on his recent trip to Shirdi. The trip was an enriching experience for Vikas, who was accompanied by his friend Ramman Handa. While sharing his experience with Star Dhamaka correspondent, the actor says, “Shirdi is one place which gives me the feeling of being at home. Worshipping Sai Baba is a positive energy that makes me feel alive. It’s an amazing and divine feeling to visit Shirdi. I feel rejuvenated whenever I visit baba’s place and attend the early morning Kakad Aarti. It’s blissful”

The actor says that Shirdi has always been close to his heart. “I can’t call myself religious but I’m spiritually inclined. Shirdi gives me the feeling of Baba being with me everywhere. For me, religion is just a political gimmick and spirituality is nothing but just being human. Humanity, I feel, is the only religion on earth,” he says, adding, “For me, every iota of molecule present on this earth is God. God is an energy or you can say the balance of 5 elements known as panch tatwa.”

Ramman, too, is a big follower of Sai Baba, says Vikas. “I know Ramman since the last few years and we have been gym friends. But the connection between us is because of Sai and Guru Ji. We both follow Baba’s teachings. The best thing about Ramman is his extrovert behaviour. He is like a brother from another mother to me and our families are also connected as our mothers are childhood friends,” he says. 

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