Kapil Sharma lashes out at ‘system’ for incarcerating Dabangg Khan!

In what may be termed as the most vicious reaction against the judiciary and police administration for jailing superstar Salman Khan, India’s most famous stand-up comedian Kapil Sharma tweeted certain unparliamentary words against the judiciary and police.

Coming heavily on an entertainment portal Spotboye’s editor Vicky Lalwani for running fake news that his telly- comedy show, “Family Time with Kapil Sharma” would soon be off air, the jester tweeted: “********How much money you have been paid for running such fake news****** …… you m***** f***** stick to principled journalism....

Immediately before anyone could react, Kapil removed the tweet which he made on Salman's arrest in blackbuck killing case in Jodhpur.  

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