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Offset allows Cardi B to threesome with Rihanna and Chrissy Teigen with this hot condition!

Playing threesome has gone very common these days, in reel as well as real life. Having lusty desires and wanting to drive it crazily, is what American rapper Cardi B is all about. The rapper has a desire to sleep with other sizzling singers – Rihanna and Chrissy Teigen.   

According to reports in HollywoodLife.com, Cardi B requested beau Offset to allow her to play threesome with RiRi and Chrissy. Interestingly, Offset allowed her in one condition where he wants to remain under one roof till the end and see it all.

Recently, Cardi B launched her new song “She Bad” from the album Invasion Of Privacy - which has lyrics - “I need Chrissy Teigen/Know a bad b*tch when I see one (yeah, woo)/Tell Ri-Ri I need a threesome.” Responding to Cardi B’s shout out, Chrissy jokingly responds on Twitter and says, “Gasp!! *drops biscuits” Well, RiRi has yet not reacted.

The crooner Cardi B marks her first formal studio record which is getting widely popular. 

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