The yearly outing with my family is must : Vibha Chibber

Actress Vibha Chibber along with her kids Puru Chibber and Ira Chibber recently went to Hong Kong and Macau for one week and the family had a gala time over there. When asked Vibha says,"We went to celebrate my daughter Ira's birthday in Hong Kong. It was a planned trip and we wanted to surprise my daughter Ira. It was Ira's dream to visit Disneyland. I have also given her a diamond ring on her birthday. We also went to Ocean Park and Macau and stayed in a very nice and huge Venetian hotel. We have done a lot of shopping." 

Her fans over there also recognised Vibha Chibber and surrounded her. She adds,"I never imagined that I will face something like this in Hong Kong. One day I was sitting outside a shop when a lady from Nepal came and asked me If I have acted in Chak De India and Bidaai? I was amazed and at the same time very happy.  She also told me how she liked my acting in the film and in the show as well."  

Vibha also explains the importance for such vacations. "It's a great opportunity for a family to stay together and spend time together. In today's age, we all are busy and running everyday for our work. Sometime even we don't have the time to eat together. Now I made a rule that a yearly outing with my family is must. Sharing is important. After the vacation we are all charged up and refreshed and have some great memories."

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