Tinaa Dattaa hangs out with Shashank Vyas, Vineet Raina in Indonesia!

Actor Tinaa Dattaa is having a blast in Indonesia along with her fans. The actor, who bumped into actors Shashank Vyas, Shaheer Sheikh and Vineet Raina there, says that it’s been a fun trip so far. “I have been to Indonesia before. The love of fans is overwhelming. Bumping into Shashank after ages has been great. We got to catch up and hang out with each other. I also met Vineet,” she says. 

Of course, the fans have made the trip even more incredible for her. “My fans here are just amazing. They have been showering me with so much love. They have travelled from far off places just to meet me and click pictures. It breaks my heart when I have to leave them. They are super amazing,” says the actor. 

One of her favourite things to do is to get clicked with her fans, says Tina. “Their love is incredible. When they ask me for a selfie, I just can never get myself to refuse, no matter how tired I am. It feels great to get so much appreciation from my fans. After all, I am who I am because of their love and adoration,” she says. Shashank Vyas adds, " The people here are amazing. To dance on bollywood popular number is what is loved here. I am enjoying my visit to Indonesia to the hilt". Ramdaan is going on and to see so many stars in the dance show is a visual treat for the audience of the show Pesbukers. 

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