Ali Asgar: I have learned acting on my own

Known for his impeccable comic timing, flawless characterization and passion, actor Ali Asgar is clearly an expert in his field. The actor, who is currently part of India’s first live comedy show Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan, says that he has always been honest with his work, and that is what has helped him succeed.  “I think that is the quality which has kept me moving in my life. I started working in 1984, so it's been almost 33 years now that I have been in television and films. I have tried all the mediums, except radio. As hungry as I was to face the camera on day one, I am still that hungry today. For an actor the day you think that you know this medium and you know how to portray/perform, that is the end of your career. So, every day I work like a newcomer, I keep on asking my writers to improvise. I think you must be honest with your work and acting skills and this is what has kept me focused. I have never been to any class or acting school, I have learnt from the 70s actors. I have collected all the DVDs and have researched a lot. God has been kind to me and my family has been very supportive,” he says.

The actor is working alongside actors Shilpa Shinde and Sunil Grover in the comedy show. “It's a delight to work with Sunil Grover. I am working for the first time with Shilpa Shinde, she is superb. Working with Sughanda Mishra is like being back with my previous team. The same is true for Paresh Ganatra. It's like home for me,” he says.

Happiness means good work for him. “For me, if I perform well, my day is spent well and I get good feedback, my day is made. Sometimes, if I don't perform well, I look forward to the next day to rectify it. My kids are my life, my son is 14year old and my daughter is 12years old. I am a family man, I don't party. My wife is not from the industry. She is a teacher. I love spending time with them. It is the highlight of my day,” he says.

In fact, he loves working with the producers of the show Preeti and Neeti Simoes as well. “They keep on trying new things. The best part of Preeti is that she keeps on innovating. Her confidence level is really amazing and that helps us a lot and make us more confident. It's been ages that I have been working with them. It's been 10 to 11 years that I have been associated with them. She knows everyone's strength and what we can deliver. She knows everyone's positive as well as negative sides and limitations. She doesn't stop for anything. She accepts new challenges and makes us accept them as well,” he says.

Ali is open for all work, in TV or films, that helps him become a better actor. “I would love to do a daily show. I would love to do a cameo role too…maybe something negative, a romantic character or maybe a father’s role. After ‘Judwaa 2’, thankfully, I have started getting offers in films too. As long as the character is challenging, I am up for it,” he says.

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