'Porus' actress Nalini Negi: I became an actor by fluke

Actor Nalini Negi, who is currently seen in Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s ‘Porus’, is a household name today, but not many people know that she never planned to enter showbiz. The actor says that it was her first show, ‘Laut Aao Trisha’ that motivated her to be a permanent part of this profession. “I started my acting career in this industry very early. I have always said this that acting happened to me by fluke. I never planned to be an actor. I got my first break with a very good show, where I played the lead role. I think after that show I realised that there is some part of me which loved being on camera and the fame that came with it,” she says.

Ask her what the best part is about being an actor, and she says, “Being an actor, you get fame and everyone knows you. I feel you can use your power to influence people or educate them. Being in this industry, you have a lot of fans and if you want to go ahead with a noble cause, you can.”

Nalini has been part of multiple shows and says that she loves all of them. “The projects which I have done till date are very close to my heart because all my shows were different from one or the other. In every project, I got something new like I made new friends or maybe I learned something and enriched my acting skills,” she says.

The actor is playing the role of Vishkanya in ‘Porus’ and says that she loves being part of the show. “I am very happy, of course, who doesn't want to be part of this show? But, I think, apart from being part of a hit show, I am very excited because this is the first time I am part of a costume drama. Being an actor, I always feel that you should keep experimenting with your characters. When you get a chance to play something different or challenging, you must take it up,” she says.

The actor adds, “I love playing my character Vishkanya. My motive to enter Puru's life is to kill him but I have a change of heart later on. It is a one-month cameo role but it's very powerful and impactful. That is the reason I came on board.”

However, the actor admits that it’s challenging to be part of the costume dramas. “Normally, we use a lot of English, Hindi and Urdu words without realising it. Since ‘Porus’ is a Hindi show, I have to be careful about the words that I am using. It's really important to stick to your script and sometimes it's difficult to remember those words. I absolutely agree that these shows are very taxing for a person who has never done a mythological show before, but that's what acting is all about. I think, being an actor, you should do something like this because you get to experiment and try out something new,” she says.

Even getting into the look of her character can be taxing. “Normally, in my daily soaps, I used to take 45 minutes. Since this a costume drama and I have lots of things to do like my hair, put on long wigs, make-up, tattoos as well as put on heavy costumes, so I take about one and a half hours,” she says.

Nalini says that she loves working with the producers of the show; Siddharth as well as Rahul Kumar Tewary. “Swastik productions is clearly the best production house that I have worked with. This is the first time that I am working with Swastik and I love how they treat their actors. In the show, I saw many actors who are working with them for many years and are like family. They take care of everything that an actor needs,” she says.

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