Ayyaz Ahmed opens up about his Russian girlfriend

It was a case of love at first sight for actor Ayyaz Ahmed, who is in a relationship with Russian supermodel Ekaterina Iovenko. The actor says that he met her at a party through a mutual friend and was instantly attracted to her. “You get attracted at first sight. Well, if you want to call it love then you can because attraction is the first step towards love. I instantly felt comfortable with Katrina when I met her for the first time,” he says.

Ekaterina Iovenko is only visiting India right now and she intends on perfecting her Hindi before she leaves. “She is learning, and she is learning so fast and how. I also gifted her couple of books as she is a bookworm. One of them is to learn Hindi efficiently,” he says.

The two share an amazing bond and love to listen to music together. “This is funny! Once, we were listening to the radio while I was driving and ‘Kaala Chasmaa’ was playing on the radio. The lyrics are such, ‘Tu Munda bilkul desi hai aur main Katrina to Sohni ve.’ It was funny and I started laughing and made her understand them too. She thought I was joking so she listened to that song three-four times to see if there is an actual mention of Ekaterina Iovenko since it sounds like her name. now it's her favourite song," he says.

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