Why do our celebs give a damn to law?

It’s not only the hoi polloi who frequently find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Even the glitterati are smitten by this bug. In the past they have even spent days in claustrophobic cells, a nightmare to recall.


Salman Khan gets a breather after the Jodhpur Session Court granted him bail in a 1998 Blackbuck poaching case on April 7. Similarly, scores of celebrities are frequently falling prey to legal tangle. Actor Ronit Roy, drunk-driven collision that grievously injured one and slightly bruising the other three when his Mercedes crashed Wagon R,  a couple of years ago, at Andheri, has revealed how our high profile people give a damn to law.


The legal ritual is predictable: night long stay behind bar, blood tests for alcohol content and finally his or her release in the morning, which concluded with photo-ops and bytes. The things end here and the media rivet their attention to other more pressing news.


In the past many similar misadventures rock the tinsel town, but are still caught in the complex legal web. The despondent relatives of the victims are desperately waiting for the justice, which seems a distant reality.


A brief analysis of similar incidents is necessary to put the picture in proper perspective.    


Salman, an infant terrible of B-Town, has a penchant for inviting controversies. Whether it is the black buck shooting case or driving rowdily over sleeping pavement dwellers, Salman juggles with acting and presenting himself before the judges on the trial dates. Ironically the case is still unresolved.


Sanjay is yet another case with similar antecedents. His flirtation, albeit a brief one, with the underworld had brought him under the shadow of suspicion and mistrust. The specter of 1993’s serial blast still haunts him. He is now behind bar.


Skimpily clad Katrina Kaif defiled the sanctity of the great mausoleum of saint Khwaja in the past which had raised a few eyebrows. Even the non-controversial Rani Mukherjee, an actress par excellence, had expressed her adoration for Hitler. This has ruffled a few feathers in the Jewish world.


Shiny Ahuja’s much ‘hyped’ sex-affair (read rape) with his maid however turned out to be a damp squib as he had managed to wriggle out from this controversy, thanks to the maid who retracted from her earlier stand and turned hostile.       


The sordid details of their infatuation with law reveal many ugly facts. Being youth icons and role models for many they are expected to respect the law of the land.  They’re tethered to public expectation and seldom afford to break this delicate cord and move free. This would push them into the black hole of ignominy.



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