These days stories are being narrated even through albums. One such album called Thodi Dhoori produced by Prem Kumar Upadhaya and sung by popular playback singer Aaman Trikha, is all set to be released shortly. The album is based on the concept of ego triggering of difference of opinions among couples leading to them distancing from one another and has been produced under the banner of Prime Entertainment. The music video has been directed by Niranjan Kumar and the music director is Royy Avishek Sengupta and lyrics have been penned by Sahil Chhib. Parveen Sayeed is the co producer mutually of the music video in which Romit Pandey and Tanya Bhatnagar will make their appearances.

Producer Prem Kumar Upadhaya says, "When I saw the increasing distances among couples today, the idea struck that I should make a album based on the concept. In today's scanerio, every couple has ego in them somewhere and it brings chasms between them. It is this ego that leads them to even divorce after distance in relationships between them increases. Where there is ego, it is inevitable that there is some distance between the couples. 

"Our album is about three words- Ego, Differences and Distance. Where there is ego, there are differences leading to in crease in distance. It happens in every couple's life. The album drives home the message that one should forsake ego in order to avoid growing distances for happily life.

Aaman Trikha has sung the song number beautifully while models Romit Pandey and Tanya Bhatnagar who play the romantic lead in the music video are very excited about the album. 

Says Romit Pandey,"My co-star Tanya Bhatnagar has extended her full co-operation to me. There is no lip sinc in the video but there are a lot of expressions. I am sure the album will be liked by the younger generation of today. Aaman Trikha himself has gone on record that the album is one of the best songs in his life.

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