‘Mulk’ portrays growing anti-Muslim sentiments in India

The Rishi Kapoor-Tapsee Pannu starrer – ‘Mulk’ portrays Islamophobia and its backlash. Producer Anubhav Sinha is trolled for ‘showing Hindus in bad light’. Rishi Kapoor who plays lead in the movie says that the controversial flick portrays ‘anti-Muslim’ sentiments which has witnessed spurt in the current times.


Rishi who plays father to a son who falls prey to extremist’s indoctrination took to the most abominating path of killings, mayhem and instilling fright. He was sucked into the black hole of terrorism.


At one point in the movie, the seasoned thespian says, “If you can’t discriminate between the beards of slain terror kingpin Osama-Bin-Laden and his, then it’s their problem…Aren’t I enjoy the right to profess and practice my religious chores?”


Rishi Kapoor immaculately fits into the role – the role of a typical middle class Muslim patriarch one finds in any Muslim locality in India.

The movie captures the changing moods of the nation in a most natural way. In fact, it has posed a question before every right thinking people: “Should we ostracize an entire family simply because one of its members turns delinquent?”


Storyteller Anubhav Sinha has left us to ruminate over the crucial fact that has led to polarization which promises bloodbath, mayhem and turn India into a large killing field.  



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