Wallflower Productions about to launch Original Song

Wallflower productions are known to provide covers songs and poems. They are now about to release their 2nd Original music song first of which was for Zee Music. Wallflower Productions is founded by Shubham Sinha and Akshay R Ahir. 

They have received tremendous support for their videos on their YouTube channel Wallflower Productions. The new original song is about college life of a young boy played by our very own Shubham Prajapati who falls in love with a girl in the college.

The song is produced by Anuj Singh, a young music producer who has just competed his graduation. At 19, Anuj has produced two original songs. 

This unnamed original song will be directed by Shubham Sinha and will be shot by Akshay R Ahir. Wallflower productions will be coming up with more and more original songs soon. 

In coming future you will also see Dr Shalini with original song and interesting web series. For all details follow Wallflower Productions on YouTube, Facebook.

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