Shed oodles of flab to remain hit!



The silver screen catapult those to success who remain fit and thus are hit in the make-believe world of cinema. With bulging belly and ballooned cheeks they are sure to plunge into the black hole of ignominy.  But ‘weight’ is an ominous specter that haunts many of our celebs.


A few Bollywood stars too have faced their share of “weighty” issues in the past.
And now they are fit to hit the box office!


Sonam Kapoor   


The much touted 'Miss Style Icon' - Sonam Kapoor, known more for her apparels rather than her acting prowess weighed 86 kilos before she signed her first film Saawariya. She shed 30 odd kilos to get slimmer for her film.


Alia Bhatt


The bouncy Alia Bhatt who made her debut as a lead actress with Student of the Year was not as stunning as she appears now. Daddy dearest – Mahesh Bhatt came to her rescue and literally forced her to follow a strict diet for 3 months. Alia was 16 Kgs lighter on screen after shedding all that excessive flabs.


Sonakshi Sinha


The elegant lass  doting daughter of Shotgun Sinha of ‘Dabangg’ fame - Sonakshi Sinha once strolled with her flabby persona. But to become Salman’s "Rajjo" Sonakshi reduced 30 kilos to get her svelte figure for Salman Khan starrer ‘Dabaang’.


Kareena Kapoor


She became a national obsession after loses oodles of weight and appeared slim in Tashan. Though, she received flaks for her figure when she did Yeh mera dil pyaar ka deewana. But Kareena did a strong comeback inTashan. She burnt the silver screen by flaunting her super sexy and ultra slim body in her debut bikini scene. 


Katrina Kaif


Super gorgeous damsel too had her days of baby fat that disappeared. Katrina was neither obese nor svelte. Just watch her first movie “Boom” you will find the difference between then and now. That spiky and proportioned jaw-line was certainly missing in her early days in Bollywood.


Arjun Kapoor


Producer Boney Kapoor’s son - Arjun Kapoor has made his entry into the light n camera world with ‘Ishaqzaade’. The actor, who showcased his six pack abs in Chokra Jawan song, weighed 130 kilos before being signed by Aditya Chopra in his film.


Adnan Sami


Melody-master Adnan Sami – who was in the epicenter of controversy due to his Pak-origin, was having pumpkin-like appearance and used to travel with a custom-made wheelchair due to his weight. In 2007 he throws up pleasant surprise: lose 130 kilos in just one year! He earlier weighed  206 kgs.


Mimoh Chakraborty


Mithun Chakaborti’s son who was recently in the news – not for any blockbuster movie but rape charges leveled on him was not as slim as he appears now.


Son of an original Disco-dancer of B-town Mithun Da, he made an unsuccessful attempt in ‘Jimmy’; Mimoh – as he is lovingly called in the industry, lost oodles of weight. After that he looked so lean that it was difficult to recognize him in his come-back film ‘Haunted’.


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