Gen. X prefers compact things: Celebs on IPL vs 5-day matches

IPL is here! However, with it also come the controversies. We ask telly actors if they prefer the format of playing five-day matches over IPL:


Sharad  Malhotraa: IPL is entertainment with cricket. It is a franchise which has become extremely popular with the current generation and people love watching their favourite players from across the globe playing in different teams. The format is also different from the usual matches. There is music, masti, frolic, fun, dance, and cricket all happening at IPL. Five-day matches have their own flavour and charm. Gone are the days when we could spare extra time to watch the game due to our hectic lives. In today's scenario IPL is ruling the roost!


Smiriti Kalra: Had it ruined the magic of cricket, so many people wouldn’t be hooked on it? India is a county where religion, Bollywood and cricket rule. Be it IPL, test matches or one day cricket, India loves it all! Controversies have been part of cricket since Don Bradman’s time. It was called the ‘Game of gentlemen’ then and it’s still called the ‘Game of gentlemen now’, so controversy or no controversy, cricket hasn’t lost its magic.


Akashdeep Sabir: I am a cricket buff, so much so that I love to watch replays as well. IPL. It has begun with the Warner Smith controversy but that will not affect it in any way. Genuine cricket lovers hate such controversies but it’s important to note that we buffs have always maintained that Australians have been cheating for a long time. This had to come out in the open. And it has. It’s just that all the guilty have not been booked. But it’s a good thing for sure. As regards IPL over test matches, well, whether we like it or not, IPL will be the format that will get the money and the audiences. It’s a shorter format and hence easier to follow. I don’t think new emerging markets like China and USA would ever lap up 5-day cricket. 


Amal Sehrawat: It’s Generation X age, where compact things are preferred over large or spread out things. People prefer more entertainment in less time and IPL is a perfect dose of compact entertainment for cricket lovers. 


Pranitaa Pandit: IPL has been going on since so many years now and has clearly enjoyed a large viewership. People love to watch their favourite cricketers from all over the world playing. I wouldn’t say that IPL has lost its charm, but maybe cutting down on the controversies may increase the love of cricket lovers for IPL.


Aadesh Chaudhary: I am a big fan of cricket which is why I love watching IPL as well. Controversies aside, it is fun to watch cricket, which is what I concentrate on. I like 5-day matches as well. As I said, as long as it is cricket, I am in! 


Sehban Azim: Five-day cricket matches have always been fun and IPL cannot replace that. It is like comparing apples with oranges. Both have their own positive and negative points. I like watching IPL and would be following it this time as well.


Ayyaz Ahmed: I think everything needs to change and evolve, cricket has changed and evolved and change is the only constant. I personally enjoy the new format, the 20-20 format. We don't play test matches as we used to, as we didn’t get sponsors earlier like we do now. We didn't have so many people coming and watching the game. There's a huge craze of IPL amongst people. IPL is also providing employment to many people.

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