After Kapil Sharma; Arjun Kapoor slams this portal, says, “this is how our country looks at young women”!

The fourth pillar of Indian democracy and one of the strongest institutions have been questioned multiple times – whether for broadcasting negative facts, biased towards political parties, by slamming paparazzi and many such similar news. Something like this recently happened with comedian Kapil Sharma, when his phone got recorded while he was abusing one senior journalist - and the disaster landed at his door.

And now, Arjun Kapoor slams a portal for uploading “oops moment” of his sister Jhanvi Kapoor. Jhanvi recently went to Arjun’s residence in Mumbai, where she was seen in a night dress and why not – it was already a night. According to that portal, Jhanvi was wearing white nightie in which everything was clearly exposed – and also her deep back neck which flaked her br*.         

The actor reacted to this shit and said, “U know what Fuck u man fuck u as a website for highlighting or bringing it to anyone s attention...and it’s shameful that ur eye would go searching for something like this shame on u...this is how our country looks at young women yet another shining example...ashamed by this...” (sic)

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