Mercurial godwoman Radhe Maa claims large star followings?

A gorgeous damsel from an insignificant hamlet of Punjab, Sukhwindar Kaur, would have never thought of becoming what she is today, not even in her wildest dream – to join the divine league exclusively charted out for male sages.  In this twenty-first century, Radhe Maa resuscitated the memory of an iconic Meera whose penchant for Hari’s devotion had startled many. Since her teens, the lass – mostly after her divorce from her husband, indicated her proclivity towards bhajan, kritan and religious discourse. Post her initiation into the pantheon of saints and sages, she sprinkled the otherwise dull theological discourse with colorful songs and hip-shakings.


Radhe Maa’s star followings


A startling revelation about Radhe Maa serves as a curtain raiser that showed her wider acceptability among a legion of Bollywood celebs. Actress Sunny Leone is a Radhe Maa’s fan very few people knowing about this, while veteran Director Subhash Ghai, is a strong believer in the godly powers of the seer. Besides this, DalerMehendi, Ravi Kisen, Manoj Tiwari, Navjyot Singh Sidhu and many others too believe in Radhe Maa’s spiritual prowess. Despite Dolly Bindra and Arshi Khan’s phony allegations, Radhe Maa’s popularity failed to sink.


The dowry harassment case to nail Radhe Maa has fascinated the Bollywood glitterati. In an FIR against her, the complainant – a lady, alleged “mental and physical harassment for dowry”. A slew of celebs however pooh-poohed the claim and stood behind her like a rock. “Being the devotees of mata Vaishnu Devi Me and my wife mukta have been visiting Radhe Maa to take her blessings since last three years at mata ki chowki at Borivali Bhuvan”, said tinsel town ace story teller Subhash Ghai.


Never claims she is god


Godwoman Radhe Maa is acclimatized to hog controversies. Charges ranging from promoting immorality to pestering devotees; the sadhvi has become accustomed to mudslinging and malicious tirades of her hecklers. These are intentionally done to blemish her image. Though, never declaring to be a god, the godwoman occupies lofty spiritual position and boasts of ever swelling devotees. The spiritually towering Radhe Maa had suffered many such baseless accusations that met with a premature demise such as dowry harassment, Dolly Bindra and Arshi Khan’s cases earlier.


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