INTERVIEW: Arshi Khan was the most camera hungry star in BCL, says, Pooja Banerjee

Actor Pooja Banerjee, who is part of Ekta Kapoor and Anand Mishra’s MTV Box Cricket League (BCL), talks on the ‘sports-reality show’, her favorite player as well as persona-non-grata. In a tete-a-tete with Star Dhamaka Correspondent Harsh Pancholi, Pooja shares her experience with the League

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How was the experience of being part of the MTV BCL?

Oh! Indeed, it was a beautiful experience!! I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed so much before on camera.

The youngsters are connected to the show and ratings are relatively high, what kind of feedback are you receiving?

They are great! The youth will connect to such shows because they get to see their favorite stars playing their own favorite game. Plus, we are not playing roles here and there.

Drama remains a pivot of the MTV BCL and it does entertain audiences. Comment

Drama obviously rivets attention but this can’t be the sole reason to get entertained. BCL is the perfect amalgamation of game and entertainment.

Rakhi Sawant,  Rajeev Thakur, Hiten Tejwani, Arshi Khan, Chestha Bhagat did a lot of drama on the pitch and audiences are loving it. Comment

I love Rakhi Sawant!  She is a complete entertainer. In fact, I loved hanging out with her and cracking jokes as well.

Do controversies always help an actor? Your take on this

Not really, sometimes it can backfire. It all depends from actor to actor and also the kind of controversy they are involved in.

Bigg Boss kind of content always attract audiences. Comment

See, you can smell the fragrance of the flowers as well as the stink of the garbage but the stink is always stronger than the fragrance...I think you’ve got my answer.

Who has been your favorite player in the league and why?

Abhishek Verma in our team was my favorite. He was an amazing team player, a great batsman and good at bowling and fielding as well. He’s a complete all-rounder. I have never seen a player like him. And when he plays, he is focused on his game and that’s so commendable.

Who was the most irritating player on the field and why?

 Arshi Khan! I felt that she was too camera hungry.

Any interesting incident from the field… Please share

Yeah! Loads of them. I had injured my knees during fielding and it’s still hurting. I should be fine in a few days. That injury is because of me being the Lady Jonty Rodes, as my teammates call me!

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