“Why Aamir Khan should play a Hindu in upcoming Mahabharta,” asks a scribe

India is worryingly being pushed over the sectarian and communal precipice, thanks to the wild tweets and trolls on issues that, literally speaking, little affects the man on the streets. This has, though, ignited polemical debates on social media – once again bringing the contentious ‘Hindu-Muslim’ issue to the fore.


An idiosyncratic scribe - Francois Gautier, trolled Amir Khan for his upcoming Rs 1000 crore mythological venture – the Mahabharata. A French journalist, Francois Gautier, who is staying in India, questioned the wisdom of starring Khan – a Muslim in an important role in the epic movie that is based on Hindu mythology. In a tweet on social media, Gautier said: Why should @AamirKhan, a Muslim, play in most ancient & sacred of Hindu epics, the Mahabharata? Is @BJP4India Govt of @narendramodi going to be like the @INCIndia & just stand by in name of secularism??? Would Muslims allow a Hindu to play life of Mohamed?


Script writer and lyricist Jawed Akhtar, while replying to his diatribe tweeted: Mr Francois Gautier , would you tell us what is your deal with the PR agencies Like 20 20 India and Adelman India . Are they paying you well to spread negativity against the most ambitious fin project of India “Mahabharta” planned by Mr Mukesh Ambani and Aamir khan


It should be recalled here that Javed Akhtar – a leftist in orientation, had earlier stood by story-teller Sanjay Leela Bhansali when the latter’s Padmaavat was stuck in the midst of controversy – triggered by a little-known Rajput Samaj.


Meanwhile, many Tinsel Town’s glitterati, too, jumps into the fray and openly registered their support to Mr Perfectionist.


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