Sandeep Aanand: "FIR made me successful or my name change..."

Actor Sandeep Aanand is a big time believer of numerology. The actor even added an extra "A" in his name after his last show, and that surely seems to have borne results for him.

Sandeep who is familiar for his hit television shows like 'FIR' and ‘May I Come In Madam’ - while interacting with Star Dhamaka, says, “I don’t know how much it has worked, but although my last show was a great hit, I have gained more popularity. I am unable to figure out if it happened because of the change in my name or the hard work that I did,” 

He was advised to change the spelling of his name by someone and he decided to try it. “I am not a superstitious person but I take advice and apply it. If someone older to me is telling me to do something, I always listen to them. I came across one person who suggested this and I thought what’s the harm in trying it out,” he says.

However, the actor has no qualms in people misspelling his name. “I would like them to know my correct spelling, but I don’t react much even if they go wrong,” he says.

Ask him how he likes his name, Sandeep, and he says, “I am a Punjabi and in our community there’s a ritual that the baby’s father’s sister names him. Although I was not really happy with this name, I started to like it. Once, I started understanding things and words, I used to ask my aunt why did she not select a creative name for me? It was then that she explained that my name meant the light after sunset, which fights the darkness. I was then satisfied.”

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