April Fool 2018: "We have already been made enough fool by chaiwala", says...

Come April Fool Day and the pranksters have their field day, mocking, teasing and befooling friends, thus trigging laughter and bonhomie. Celebs have their own unique way to celebrate the day.  Watch how they have planned to celebrate this special day : 

Dalljiet Kaur - April Fool’s Day was a fun thing when I was growing up. I remember once I had made my friend reach a far away restaurant to meet someone, who was obviously not there. There was a chit I had left at the counter that said ‘April Fool’s Day’.

Ruhi Chaudhary - This April Fool’s Day I would want to play a prank on Dheeraj Dhoopar because he is the most naughty person on the set. He is like a child. So, it would be fun to play a prank on him. I have never been fooled on this day. I'm very alert and pay close attention to whatever is happening around me.

Aadesh Chaudhary - I would like to play a prank on my brother Deepak Chaudhary this April Fool’s Day. He has made a fool of me on lot many occasions. In fact, a lot many people have! Once my friend invited me for his birthday party, I reached the venue with the gift. I didn't find my friend there and when I called him he said, "April Fool Banaya." I was really angry then, but it’s funny to recall it now. 

Kajol Srivastava - I want to play a prank on my best friend Rupali on this day. We met in the 11th standard and from thenwe have been best friends. Last year, I remember, she messaged me saying that your account has been hacked and somebody is messaging me and everyone else from your Instagram and Facebook accounts. Shocked, I changed my password, then she giggled, "Are Kajol Aaj 1st April Hai!”

Mohammad Nazim - One day,  I landed up at a friend's house; with thirst chocking my throat I asked for a cold drink. She gave me a bottle of Thumbs Up, which I started gulping down immediately. It took me some time to realise that she had mixed green chillies in it. I would like to fool a friend, who has fooled me a couple of times. I intend to take him to a restaurant and vanish from there. 

Gunjan Utreja -  I am planning to call my friends over for a lunch and serve them ‘bhang wala buttermilk’. I am sure they will not expect it.  Along with some friends,  I once covered a matka with a piece of red cloth and placed it on the road with some lemons and green chillies. People were scared to cross it and there was a traffic snarl. After around 15 minutes, when we realised that the situation was getting out of control, we removed it. It was not offensive, though. 

Aniruddh Dave - I want to fool an actor friend, who had fooled me on Holi. A few years back, when I was in Jaipur, a friend invited me for dinner one night, saying that his mother had prepared special pav bhaji. On reaching his home, however, I found his door locked. That’s when I realised that it was April 1. 

Rohit Bhardwaj - I want to fool the friend who played the DDLJ prank on me. A friend told me that he had booked an entire show of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. He said all our college friends, including the girl I had a crush on, would be there. I was super excited and rushed to the theatre, only to see the 'House Full' board there!

Vivian D'sena -I intend to fool one of my best friends this time. The plan is a secret. A friend asked me to meet his girlfriend at a particular restaurant. He then called one of my girlfriend’s family to the same restaurant, saying that my family wanted to meet them.  We all landed up there and utter confusion followed. It took some time for everyone to realise that it was an April Fool prank.

Amal Sehrawat - The entire nation has already been made enough fool by chaiwala, so no more fooling till 2019. I have been fooled big time in life by a phrase "Ache Dinn", so every day feels like 1st April to me.

Shehzad Deol - I only like to play pranks on my friends in my closest circle. I particularly remember making a fool out of this really close friend of mine once.  There is a friend of mine who’s always late for every occasion and mostly I have been at the receiving end of his being late. I decided to even it up once for all. This guy had some work out of town. I intentionally reached there a day late and left him stranded with no one to talk to and chill in an entirely unfamiliar city. That's what first strikes me till date when I think about pranks. 

Ankush Bali - I would make fool of my friend Sumit as he himself is a big prankster and yes there is a very fond memory of my school time, there was girl in my school whom I liked and it was 1st April my friend told me that it's her birthday so got a gift for her and when I met her in the school and gave that gift to her she casually said it's not my birthday dear and I turned my back to my friend and he was laughing at me. I was made fool by my friend.

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