I am glad that fans know me as Angoori Bhabhi: Shubhangi Atre

Actor Shubhangi Atre is thrilled with her role of Angoori Bhabhi in Binaifer Kohli’s 'Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai'. The actor says that she loves playing the character and that the show has transformed her career completely. “It has completely changed my life. It's a wonderful journey. Angoori Bhabhi's character is the most amazing character that I have played and it is also well-written. It's a treat for an actor. There is a lot to play and experiment. I enjoy my character a lot,” she says.

The actor says that she is now being recognised as a young Bhabhi on the small screen, which she doesn’t mind at all. “I am very much happy that I am known as Angoori Bhabhi and it's the best compliment. It feels great to receive a compliment like this. Even on my sets, people compliment me for the way I play my character. While travelling people recognise me as Angoori Bhabhi. In fact, once a fan came and asked ’Kya Aap Dudh Se Nahate Ho?’ and that was really cute. I am very happy but I never take these things for granted. I believe, hope and make sure that I struggle more and do justice to the character,” she says.

Shubhangi says that she has always enjoyed playing comedy roles. “Since childhood, I have a good sense of humour so I love doing comedy. Daily Soaps are a bit difficult because emotionally you get tired. There's a lot of emotional work and there's a lot to cry in daily soaps. But you enjoy doing comedy the whole day. Those who are really happy in their life, they can portray a comic character easily and gracefully,” she says.

Angoori bhabhi’s accent is famous and the actor says that she had no challenge perfecting it. “I think I am god-gifted in this field. I can catch any accent easily. I can talk in any accent. I saw videos to improvise my character and put in efforts and now I am comfortable in this Bhojpuri accent,” she says.

Ask her which is the best compliment that she has received for this role, and she says, “I have received many compliments but the ones from senior actors like Jackie Shroff are the best. He said, ‘You are amazing Shubhangi.’ A few days ago Asha Bhosle Ji had called and said she loves the show and the characters. The best compliment from my fans is that one of them said, ‘You are the perfect casting for Angoori Bhabhi's role and we just love the way you portray the character. You look innocent in that role and it looks natural.’

 Meanwhile, Shubhangi says that she loves working with Binaifer and her husband Sanjay Kohli. “It's wonderful working with Binaifer Kohli and Sanjay Kohli. The production house is good and well organised. There's no unnecessary pressure on any of the actors. They have been really sweet to me. It's been two years since I have been working with them,” she says.

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