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Even B-Town not immune from drug abuse!

Drug addiction is on the rise in the metropolis. Despite the much touted claim, the anti-narcotic cell of the Mumbai literally failed to reverse the trend.


In a corporate and Bollywood parties and movie launch functions milder drugs like Cannibis are widely used with cigarettes and drinks. In such functions super cops, bureaucrats, politicians and industrialists are frequently seen toasting to each other’s health.


It is widely believed that Zandu balm - a pain reliever ointment is consumed after dressing it on bread by 'Gardulla' - a colloquial for rag pickers in Mumbai. 


Lizard's tail, cough syrups, adhesives, wet stinking socks, frog's larvae left in water where they left their salive; these all are drunk by eccentric addicts. And snake bites is on the extreme end of this spectrum.


Cheapest drugs could be had in the form of a capsule costing merely 55 Rs. The movie 'Udta Punjab' graphically depicts the plight of youth those susceptible to drugs in the northern Indian state – touted as one of the most affluent states in India.


Even in high security prisons, the drugs are supplied to a certain 'high profile' and affluent prisoners, a well connected source revealed.


B-Town celebs hooked to drugs


Son of a flamboyant actor late Feroz Khan – Fardeen Khan was held by the city cops for possessing cocaine in 2001. He went through a detoxification course to come out from its octopus-like grips. Thereafter, in 2012, he was granted bail in the case.


Sanjay Dutt – affably called Sanju Baba by Bollywood fraternity, is no stranger to it. Around three decades back, in1982 Sanjay Dutt was incarcerated in a drug case wherein he was let off after spending 5-month in jail.


For de-addiction he was taken to a rehabilitation center in the US. He was later found to be involved in a more serious offence: illegal possession of weapons during 1993 serial blast in Mumbai.


A film on his life and times – Sanju, is going to hit silver screen on June 29 this year. Ranbir Kapoor is essaying the role of the legend.


Bollywood’s heartthrob - Ranbir Kapoor, had confessed to a Magazine that he smoked up weed during his acting school days. To enliven the role in Rockstar, the dapper actor smoked milder drug.


Drugs – for a quick fix


Even the women lying at the bottom of economic ladder seems to have hooked to this, which is testimony to the fact that drug addiction among women in the city is on the rise. There is a need to reverse the trend


In an hideous cottage in Byculla’s patra chawl, the hub of bag manufacturers, 42-year-old Rita sits lonely in her claustrophobic cubicle, chasing dreams — or what most people would call brown sugar. It’s late afternoon and just the time for a quick fix. Rita’s husband is away at work. Her seven-year-old son may be troubled by her mother’s moods, but is too young to know what’s happening.


Rita has been taking drugs for 18 years. She is among the many women misusing substances from alcohol to drugs, and among those who have started seeking help to deal with the problem. With women having taken to cigarettes in a big way in the last decade, their use of narcotics has also increased.


Like most addicts, Rita took to drugs via the most common but underestimated gateways — liquor and cigarettes. And like almost everyone with a substance-abuse problem, she never thought she’d get addicted — “getting hooked,” she thought, was something that happened to others.  

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