Iggy Azalea's bathtub video goes viral

Gorgeous Australian singer Iggy Azalea, 27, is scoring inside her bathroom. Yes, the sultry nude pose inside a bathtub is smoldering internet. The alluring artist is seen in her boldest avatar till date by exposing her sexy body. Taking on to her microblogging site - Iggy posted this picture on her Instagram account.

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On the other side, Iggy will finally live in a world of her dreams as she has now got American green card. The hitmaker says, "Seriously! I’ve been here 12 years! only just got approved! 
been paying my fed & state taxes etc but can’t vote or have a say how it’s spent. Some people are SO miserable. Y’all would be happy for me to get deported back to a country I only know 4 ppl in though! I worked hard." (sic) 

Now, it will be really interesting to see whether the popular singer gets more trolled for her nude post or for her American citizenship.  

Iggy Azalea's SIZZLING Bathtub Video Will Make You Go Crazy